How Long Do Water Heaters Last And What Type Do You Need To Buy

How Long Do Water Heaters Last?

The structure of a gas and electric water heaters are almost same, but the only difference is that an electric type has the two heating elements whereas the former has a gas burner at its bottom with a chimney extending through the middle of the water tank.

This Heater Buying Guide provides you with information and independent reviews of tankless water heaters, conventional water heaters, gas, electrical and portable heaters but most importantly how long do water heaters last.

how long do water heaters last

Let’s first explain the difference between them

The two typical types of a storage tank or tankless water heaters available in the market today are gas water heaters and electric water Heaters.

One of the problems with hot water circulating systems is that they do not work with tankless water heaters which are becoming very popular.

Unlike tank systems, tankless water heaters do not store up a supply of hot water: instead, they produce hot water on demand.

For example, let’s say that several members of your family are taking a¬†shower one after another, a tankless hot water heater is a great time saver because you don’t have to wait for the tank to refill.

Thermostatic control, which is the ability of the tankless water heater to modulate power output and give a consistent temperature, is also essential, especially for those people on wells.

The mixture ratio of cold and hot water is set according to the storage tank water heater temperature which is higher than the tankless WH.

With tankless water heater, there is no need for this, there is endless hot water, and therefore the temperature can be set to 110 degrees F, and there is no need to mix in as much cold water.

Demand type hot water systems will work with tankless water heaters as long as they produce enough flow.

What’s more, there are indeed cost savings to replacing all traditional water heaters with tankless water heaters at the same time.

Homeowners who are asking themselves are tankless water heaters worth it will find that the answer depends on where they live, the prices for installation in their area, and the way in which their household uses hot water.

How long do water heaters last

Tankless water heaters are often more expensive than a tank, but they can last up to 20 years. If you purchase a tankless heater for a good brand such as Bosch, Kenmore or American Water Heater, it can last as long as 20 years without being repaired or replaced.

If your electric water heater runs out of hot water much sooner than usual, or is slow to heat, or doesn’t provide any hot water, then chances are you need the service of a water heater repair expert.

If you hear any popping or gurgling it’s probably from the water heater buildup and the primary cause of this is the first factor “the age of the water heater.”

If you notice any color change in the water that you are showering, you need a plumber to check your water heater because the color changing may come from rust.

The primary consideration here is that you need pay attention to is buying a gas water heater or an electric water heater with a warranty of at least three years.

how long do water heaters last

But the question is what type of water heaters that you need to buy?

Tankless water heaters have only recently begun to gain popularity in residential use in the United States.

You want to choose a heater for your water that will not only guarantee a sufficient amount of hot water for your household but will also be energy efficient, thereby costing you less money in the long run.

Tankless units may be more expensive to install, but they last twice as long as tank water heaters.

Tankless water heaters are your choice but keep this is in mind the larger your house is, the more tankless water heaters you need.