Various Types Of Water Heaters to Choose From In 2018

When you are choosing a water heater, there are certain things to consider before you buy your shower buddy.

There are various types of water heaters to choose from, and each one comes with its own set of advantages and demerits.

The functionality of a water heater depends on many factors, how many members are there in your family, how much is the usage.

If you need a continuous supply of water or need to store it, the kind of water supply you get in the neighborhood- hard or soft and the altitude and an average temperature of the area you are residing in.

If you want to get an electrical one, you must consider if you are getting a continuous power supply. For a gas water heater, you will require a steady amount of propane or natural gas or LPG.

Read on to find out the various types of water heaters we have in the e-commerce sites.

  • gas water heaterStorage Tank Water heaters  The storage tank water heater is the most common type of water heater you will come across. They are units which are composed of an insulated tank where water, after being heated, is stored for use. The insulation system makes sure that the already boiled water is not cooled down again in the timespan. There are various subclasses of the storage tank heater- there are the ones run by electricity and the gas heaters.
  • The small gas water heater is again of two types- the ones using Natural gas and the other type using LPG. The small gas water heater usually is more energy efficient and at the same time are also pretty cost effective than the electric water heater of more or less the same size and capacity. Do not forget to check on the Energy Guide label that comes with all water heaters to make sure it is energy efficient and to find out its yearly expenditure. Also, make sure that the insulation system used holds right, or else it will not take the heated water to get cold again.


  • gas water heaterTankless or On-demand  As the name suggests, there is no storage tank in the tankless water heater. Instead, the unit supplies you hot water instantly, whenever you require it. The cold water supply coming to your house gets in contact with a series of metal coils, or sometimes a device producing infrared energy gets heated and is supplied to you through the outlet. As the units will only heat the water on-demand, they are more energy-efficient than a storage tank water heater. As the storage tank heater, they are also available in LPG, electric and natural gas models.
  • This small best gas hot water heater, as well as an electric heater, can provide up to 3.5 gallons of hot water in a minute.

Whether you choose an on-demand water heater or a storage unit, a small gas water heater or the one that runs on electric supply, there is also another option called best under sink water heaters make sure you consider all the points as mentioned above and make a smart buy.